Financial Information


Each student will be charged an admission fee which will be payable in the year of admission in 3 installments. The fee will be fixed as per the decision of the Management Committee.

Tuition Fee

Each student will be charged a monthly tuition fee. The fees will be fixed as per the decision of the Management committee. Examination and Registration fees will be charged as per the State Medical Faculty of Bangladesh.


The Institute provides stipends to the poor and meritorious students.

Study/Training Abroad

This Institute will assist the brilliant students for higher training abroad.


From second year a limited assistantship will be offered to the student on a competitive basis.

Job Placement Assistance Unit

We encourage you to tap into the career planning and placement office, which offers a wealth of employment information. This unit have a number of resources including employer directories for employment of our Diplomats.

Teaching Methodology

Lecture with slide and overhead projector, Hand out, Tutorial, Practical, Library work, Seminar Presentation, Study tour.